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Fashion designer Bravi Antonella

Antonella Bravi is a fashion designer born in Cervia, whose evocative style has been shaped by her experiences in various parts of the Middle East, including Iran, Iraq, Egypt, and Morocco. It is from these experiences that the hidden inspiration in her mind emerges, giving life to her unique style.

For Antonella, sensuality and feminine charm do not need to be revealed but rather enveloped by garments that captivate the imagination. She has a rooted vision of a woman who enchants with her eyes, which can be represented by both the chador and timeless attire.


Her story is that of a style that dances among colors, bringing smiles and joy to those who wear it. Our commitment to sustainable fashion is reflected in the green philosophy we apply, supporting a cleaner world where the use of renewable energy and eco-sustainability takes precedence. Our production is entirely made in Italy, using exclusively treated silk sourced within the country, from the raw material processing to the finishing, dyeing, and printing. Each garment is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans with care, dedication, and love, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship.

Antonella’s latest collection draws inspiration from photographs representing diverse cultures and countries, characterized by an explosion of colors. She has chosen to pair garments with hijabs, turbans, bandanas, and traditional hairstyles, with the intention of showcasing her creations with women of different nationalities. She firmly believes that women are women regardless of where they are in the world and that they should enjoy the same rights, transcending cultural discriminations. She sought to merge the West with the Middle East, demonstrating that the same garment can be worn by a European or an Oriental woman, with the right accessory.


As for the future, Antonella desires to continue on her path, remaining true to her style. Her main goal is to bring her collections, named “International Collection,” to the Middle East. Quality remains her focal point, preferring to sell high-quality items rather than quantity. Her ambition to showcase her brand at Dubai Fashion Week was rewarded with the recognition of “Best Womenswear Designer of the Year” at the renowned Emirates Fashion Week SS23/24.

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