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who are we ?

SOLOS is a reliable company based in Dubai well recognised for its global expertise and local knowledge with an international team located in different countries present in the Fashion, Design, Interior Design and Food sectors whose mission is to help new and/or positioned designers, brands and artists to succeed in the UAE and GCC market. We provide full support that includes consultation, brand positioning, brand business development, strategy and marketing.


Our vision is to become one of the leading brand companies in the GCC region with a main aim to support new designers and companies succeed in the market.


To promote/support new designers, brands and artists in the GCC market to maximise their exposure throughout tailored strategies oriented to consolidate a long-standing awareness, business performance and organic growth.


Long Lasting Relations among team members and stakeholders to promote quality, reliability, and integrity


SOLOS provides reliable and trusted marketing and business development strategies and services to the new designers in the GCC region.

“GOOD PRODUCTS DON’T MEAN GOOD SALES” this is a key-step that hundreds of clients have realised in the time and this simple concept allowed many brands to evolve and get out of the mass thank to the deep capacity of SOLOS to target the touch points and develop a Client’s best-practice to start a new successful path.

A company with the aim to land in Dubai and in the GCC has the privilege to be supported by a strategic firm with a direct, reliability and decades of experience like SOLOS, saving time and money to establish its business and understanding what is the right process to attract, engage and delight GCC’s market.


Our team of specialists and experts have over 20 years of experience in brand marketing and business development.

strong reputation

We have a strong reputation in the UAE for being experts in business development and branding.

expert staff

Our staff is fully trained with in-depth functional expertise to provide you the best services possible.

excellent customer service

We believe in providing excellent customer service to all of our customers.


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