Michael Kors fashion show in Dubai: first fashion runway outside of New York

Michael Kors fashion Dubai

Michael Kors heads to Dubai: a bold move in luxury fashion.

Michael Kors fashion show Dubai.

The luxury market in the Middle East is on a continuous rise, with forecasts indicating a value of 15 billion euros by 2023, set to climb to 30-35 billion by 2030 (data revealed during the Altagamma Consumer and Retail Insight in July). In this expanding landscape, the fashion brand Michael Kors has made a bold move: its first fashion show outside of New York will take place in Dubai on December 12. This event marks a significant step for the brand as it gears up to further conquer the luxury market in the EMEA region.

Michael Kors’ debut in Dubai:

The Michael Kors fashion show in Dubai is highly anticipated. The event will host approximately 250 guests, including high-end clients, international press members, celebrities, and influencers. The fashion house has announced that the show will be broadcasted across all of its digital platforms, allowing a global audience to be part of this historic moment.

The collection to be presented is the spring-summer 2024, with a particular focus on looks that have already graced the New York runway. These looks embody a summer and glamorous spirit inspired by style icons such as Jane Birkin, Jackie Kennedy, and Sharon Tate. Furthermore, Michael Kors has prepared some special offerings tailored specifically for the EMEA market, showcasing the brand’s commitment to meeting the needs of regional customers.

Michael Kors’ presence in the Middle East market:

Michael Kors is already well-established in the Middle East market, with stores in both the Mall of Emirates and the Dubai Mall. Additionally, their products are readily accessible online through the Ounass platform. The decision to hold the runway show in Dubai underscores the strategic 

importance of this region for the brand.

The fashion scene in Dubai:

Michael Kors is not the only American brand turning its attention to the Emirate. Carolina Herrera, designed by Wes Gordon, will be the guest designer on the opening day of the upcoming Dubai Fashion Week, scheduled from October 9 to 15. This initiative reflects the growing interest of international brands in the burgeoning Middle East market.

In conclusion, Michael Kors’ decision to present its collection in Dubai represents a significant move for the brand within the global luxury market. This move reaffirms the strategic importance of the Middle East and marks an exciting new chapter in the history of luxury fashion.

Editor’s notes: This article is based on insights from Altagamma Consumer and Retail Insight data and recent news regarding Michael Kors and the fashion scene in Dubai.

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